SAVIANT is a highly specialized agency providing a complete range of merchandising audit services for the retail sector.

SAVIANT is a legal successor of GLOBAL CONSULTING, a full-cycle merchandising agency that offers its services to companies-participants of the FMCG market: www.merch.ru

SAVIANT has been working in the market of Russia, CIS countries and Eastern Europe for over 14 years. Our specialists have implemented projects on different product categories for many enterprises and distribution companies.

  • Факты
    It is a well-known fact that people make 50% to 80% of final decisions concerning their everyday purchases right in the sales area. This is the field where the serious battle for the shelf space, buyers’ attention and money takes place.
  • Выигрываем войну
    SAVIANT helps its clients to win this shelf war owing to the constant supply with valuable and timely information which is necessary for efficient marketing.
  • Принципы и ценности
    Principles and values
    We do not strive for leadership. A great volume of projects is not our goal. We have a limited number of clients, but for us each project is a creation which we aspire to raise to the level of art.
  • Принципы и ценности
    Principles and values
    We work only with those projects in which we can show high results or in which we perceive a difficult task as a challenge that induces our professional interest.