• Saviant помогает своим клиентам выигрывать войну на полке
    SAVIANT helps its clients to win

    this shelf war owing to the constant supply with valuable and timely information which is necessary for efficient marketing.

  • Аудит для наших клиентов — это эффективный инструмент
    For our clients audit is an efficient tool

    to assess the work of the field staff whose motivation is linked to KPI.

  • Наши клиенты знают, что хотят и ценят роль аудита в управленческих решениях
    Our clients know what they want and they appreciate the role of audit in managerial decisions.

Over 14 years of our existence we worked out and implemented over 30 merchandising concepts in various markets and we have a good reason to consider ourselves being among the best specialists in the sphere of assessing the quality of merchandising concept implementations.

We create something new, we enjoy our work, we grow together with the business of our clients and we are proud of the results which speak for themselves!